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Music clips

"I Love Her", music clip for the "Vampires",1991

This was the first completed project. After few experiments, I started this film on Film and Drama Academy, Belgrade. It took us about six months to complete the film. The music is a song by the "Vampires" and characters are members of the band. The film was shoot on 16mm film. The film was successful and popular, raised the First prize on Belgrade Short Film Festival and was recognized as first ever made film in animated clay in the country (which was falling apart at the same moment, so I don't know on what that statement refers) Director of photography was Nikola Majdak Jr, film editor was Marko Glusac and Dusan Varda and me were co-directors. The film was non-profit project.

Shortly, after "I Love Her" I started to work on short film, with no title. This is the film that I try to forget. After four mounths of working on characters and stage, the whole set was moved to the studio. The times were rought, and there was not a single role of film in whole studio. The set was resting for some time, untill it was completly ruined. I don't have even one photo of this set.
Years after the first film, came another music clip for the same band, the "Vampires" in "Kompani" production, where I started to work in 1993. The chorus says "I don't want".and it was caried out by different characters. Technique was to shoot clay with video camera, transfer the picture to computer and overlay it on CG background + live footage of the band. Excluding the "Vampires" and the dog Aki there were 26 characters.

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